Contact Center SOFTWARE As Service (SAS).

The New IPCOMtact is a turn key omnichannel solution for contact centers of all sizes.

It’s hosted at GOOGLE CLOUD PLATAFORM (GCP) Data center with 99.99% uptime. With The New IPCOMtact technology your productivity will increase using a unique business model optimization process, allowing a flowless information processing offering the opportunity to connect your agents by interchange all critical information into a single system. The software improves data sharing between representatives decreasing the time transferring or searching for data.



  • No Capex investment in hardware or software.
  • Variable cost, pay as you go.
  • Fast implementation.
  • Automatic updates functionalities included in the price.
  • 24x7x365 remote support.



  • SIP TRUNKS- Voice Over IP Protocol.
  • Email.
  • Social Networks.
  • SMS Bulk.
  • 1800 Service or DID.
  • Codecs G729 and G711.



  • We develop VOIP software to interconnect with your own CRM.
  • Record voice and screen to improve monitoring.
  • Automatic Speech Recognition using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process better the information.
  • Graphic IVR to easy design and implementation.
  • Graphic User Interface.
  • Best User Experience (UX).
  • Predictive, progressive and preview dialing.
  • Inbound and outbound functionalities.
  • Virtual agents.
  • Speech analytics to evaluate and respond on real time over your quality monitoring.
  • Omnichannel.
  • Full integrated scripting.