Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you

It is recommended to check the firewall, check udp port rating from 10mil to 65mil.

1. Check that the account has available balance.

2. If client manages openser accounts, check if the fault is presented with a single agent, test with this agent on another computer. If it is a failure with all agents, validate that they are registering correctly and have no internet problems.

3. If client manages Sip trunk, validate in the log the error that generates the calls confirming that these calls are sent to IPCOM.

1. Customer can review the manual found in the ipcomtac.

2. Have Ipcomtac user with the necessary permissions to review recordings, example Supervisor access.

3. You can go to the Monitor module in Recordings, and make the filters you require, for example: date, number, center, campaign, agent. This is in case they are outgoing calls.

4. For incoming calls you must have the IVR module enabled and search on Daily Recordings.

5. For Predictive or Assisted Calling, you must go to the Predicitive Dialer module and enter Recordings.