Detailed Real Reports

IPCOM gives you the report of your campaigns the same day that they run with the most important details for your operation.

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Smart Emails

Are you having very low recruitment and response numbers in your campaigns? IPCOM has the ability to serve as an intermediary of your emails and thus use our technology to validate through all security filter and spam to ensure the delivery of your messages.

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Pilot Test

Do you want to validate the effectiveness of our technology in your company? IPCOM offers a totally FREE pilot test to all our new customers.

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Business Consulting

The accelerated technological advances of the last decade have transformed our world into a constant flow of data that many times we fail to analyze in time or filter in a proper way. All IPCOM campaigns are traceable and generate real-time reports with a large number of valuable variables for your operation.

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Smart Sweep Database

You have a very large database that you have built for years but you do not know how to expand or update it? We can help you in a cost efficient and fast way.

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Other services

We customize the services according to your needs.

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